By Steve Fussell

It feels like such a long time ago that I started working at Lebus, aged 15 in 1965. It was my very first job since leaving school and a great place to start my working life, my fellow colleagues were an amazing bunch although some of the tricks played on us were cruel. I guess that was just part of our initiation, all good natured though – just!

I have fond memories of the Pando club however I was too young to participate in their activities. I do recall the Kray twins using the Lebus boxing facilities. The factory itself was very up to date with an amazing conveyor belt under Ferry Lane linking the old and new depots, in fact there were conveyor belts down many walkways.

Apart from day realease at Tottenham Technical College I had many different tasks whilst working for Lebus, including working in the saw sharpening workshop and cleaning the snow grinder at the back with a big magnet. I left in 1970 when Finsbury Works closed down and eventually ended up being a kitchen fitter, but it was at Lebus that I learnt my trade in the furniture game.

Tottenham Technical College 1970

Tottenham Technical College 1970

Construction under Ferry Lane bridge to link the old and new depots

Construction under Ferry Lane bridge to link the old and new depots

2 thoughts on “Initiation

  1. Steve fussell says:

    Was a great place to start your working career and a fantastic place to learn your trade

  2. Barry Barnes says:

    Hi Steve I think I remember you my name is Barry Barnes the other apprentices in my age group were Peter Crump and Brian Hitchman , Brian also attended Tottenham Tech but Peter and myself went to Walthamstow Tech at the time of you starting we were approaching the end of our apprenticeship. When the factory was on short time working the apprentices had to work and were given various jobs around the place I built up my toolbox from the magnet many allen keys and small spanners in fact to this day I still have the tin with all the allen keys that I collected. I think we worked in the saw shop together on the slow grinder sharpening the planer blades .

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