Christmas party memories

By Rosemary Farr nee Moore

My father (William Moore born 1918) worked for Lebus prior to World War II and on his demob returned to the factory on the shop floor. He lived in Town Road, Edmonton prior to his marriage in 1942 and then in Bath Road and used to cycle to work from there each day.

My brother and I attended the children’s Christmas parties (see photograph below) that’s my brother and me (front row) second and third from left. It must have been taken about 1955 or so. I have vague memories of watching some sort of variety act and one of the manager’s daughters (who was into dancing) did the Can-Can! Also one year they had a military band and all the kids marched up and down the hall behind them! I can also remember going to the Circus (possibly at Olympia) with the Social Club. Couldn’t have been that old as the coach got back too early and my brother and I had to sit on the kerb for what seemed like hours till dad arrived to pick us up! He was a bit cross that we had been left alone on a dark evening! Enjoyed the circus though but was more interested in the flea circus (did that trigger my love today of all things miniature?). Happy days.

Lebus children's party

Lebus children’s party

William Moore

William Moore

3 thoughts on “Christmas party memories

  1. Roy Beiley says:


    My Dad worked at Lebus’ Tottenham factory as a French Polisher from 1953 until it closed. He lived in Walthamstow and it took 2 buses to get to work.

    I don’t remember ever going to a Xmas Party there but do remember going to the Circus. I believe it was Bertam Mills Circus either at Earls Court or Olympia as you said. We sat right up high at the back which was great for watching the trapeze artists although the clowns and elephants were far away!

    It probably was 1954 or 1955 so I would have been 12/13 and my sister Rita would have been about 6.

    I had actually forgotten about it until I read your post. Great stuff.

    Best wishes

  2. Patricia Riggs says:

    Thank you for sharing this picture. I searched hard for myself and siblings but we were there about 5 years earlier! Just wishing.
    I loved to dance the can-can and could not remember where I got that from. Now I know.. it was Lebus christmas show. When asked what I want to be when I grow up, I always said, A Can Can girl. LOL
    My Dad was Eddie Daymond and my Mum Lily Baldock.. they met at Lebuses.

    Thanks again.

  3. Sylvia Maughan says:

    Does anyone remember the Lebus Singers, who appeared at the Albert Hall?

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