Before Australia

By Peter Deeth

My father (Bill Death) left Lebus Tottenham Hale in 1965 after the float, emigrating to Australia after 41 years of service at that place. Possibly because my father was in what we would (theses days) call a Logistics role (and would always tell us knew exactly where a truck was going to or coming from whenever one was seen when out, his abilities amazed this little child at the time) I recall the name ‘Mr. Alex Alexander’ who may have been the owner of Alexander Transport (or AA Transport) who may have contracted to Harris Lebus. I remember going to a few of the Christmas parties and circus outings (perhaps that would have been in Mr. Alexanders Black Car as we dint have such luxury and I do recall such a vehicle) I have a few party pictures somewhere in stored boxes, if I locate them they may be of interest to others (circa 1955 to 60), I will endeavour to submit them.

Peter Deeth

Bill Death

New depot

New depot

New depot

New depot

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    Hi Peter,
    I remember your father very well, driving for Lebus was my first job in the industry when I was about 21/22 back in 1961 and very green, I spent a good three months on the loading bay learning to load furniture so it would not be damaged so Bill was very much on my case as to where to go to load various vehicles, I did get to vaguely know some of the drivers and most of the loaders. Your father Bill was a rather stern man who never seem to smile or have a chat to any of us new kids on the block but he to what I got to know about him was a very fair man doing his job. I do remember him barking out his instructions to myself and say ‘Parsons bay 15 help Cornell and George Emms load now’ and I went as quick as possible as we were all rather frightened of his manner and rather abrupt way of giving instructions, George was one of the loaders and a good one at that, Bill would wander along the bays a while later to check on us all and that we were learning the art of wrapping and packing in the right way without any damage to the furniture. Terry Cornell was a driver on Merchandise[or Merch as we called it] and who got me the job which I did for the next forty five years or so until I retired to Canada.In a way I do owe for the training that I received in driving and loading to the people like your farther and Terry for giving me the chance to see most of Europe and the UK and the many types of trucks and buses that I drove and a job that wanted to do as a ten year old so spending very many years on the road and I would do it again if I were young enough. Michael Parsons ex Lebus.

  2. debbie o'connor says:

    Hi Peter my name is Debbie O’Connor both my Grandad Benjamin Nuckley and my Great Grandad Thomas Lyus worked at Harris Lebus I believe from the 1920’s I would love to see your photo’s and hear about anything you know about the company,I’m giving you my email address so we could talk to each other ([email protected]).I live in Western Australia,my Mum Kathleen and Dad Kenneth Houghton emigrated from England in 1968.Thankyou for taking the time to read this,I hope we can talk soon.

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